100\% Cotone

Exclusive product!

Hypoallergenic bedding cover made of natural fiber.

Exclusive natural vegetal fibre linen thought for those who prefer the natual choice. Anti dust mite covers represent an efficient solution to prevent respiratory and skin allergies. It isn't the mite itself that causes bothering and severe respiratory and skin problems, but its excrements are. The ideal habitat for this micro-organism, unfortunately, is our bed. For this, it is necessary that these thin particles aren't able to spread around the room. Allergosystem has created the innovative line of anti-dust mite covers Zeromite, which are micro-cotton hypoallergenic covers that create the right barrier to dust mites. The anti-dust mite Zeromite covers are made of 100% micro cotton and resist to washes up to 60°.

Take advantage of Allergosystem's Zeromite line: its products protect your mattress, pillows, and duvets from the annoying dust mites and their allergens.

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