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Cosmetic line

The skin is, without a doubt, one of the main shields of our body. In fact, it protects us from bacteria, from meteorological factors and, most of all, it gives an alarm signal each time that we are in contact with allergenic substances that irritate our organism. It is widely advised not to ignore our skin that, after all, is our best ally and we need to learn how to take care of it!

In order to pursue this aim, our Hydrami line was born, and its products are perfect to donate relief to those who suffer from skin problems, thanks to its hydrating and lenitive actions, which help reducing the hitching.

Hydrami will help with taking care of the delicate, stressed skins or of those that are challenged by the climate (sun, wind, cold). It is very easy to use and it will help you keeping your skin young, healthy, and regularly hydrated.

Hydrami’s range of products distinguish themselves through their refreshing and lenitive action, for their protective and regenerant treatment, for the gentleness of their ingredients and the allergen-free perfuming.

Moreover, Hydrami’s products count on a special formula that guarantees an intensive hydrating treatment and the maximum protection possible (also for the most sensitive and reacting types of skin). An essential product, delicate and endowed with an efficient contrasting action, mellow but firm, against the evidence of time, of age and of signs left from UV rays’ oxidative stress.

Hydrami’s range of products is the right one for the treatment of sensitive and easily irritable skins. Efficient products for every person who desires a more protected, regenerated, but most of all hydrated skin: the three key factors for your skin to become younger, softer and healthier.

Cosmetic line

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