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Duvet cover

Three lines of anti-dust mite duvet covers were born, thanks to Allergosystem’s experience: Zeromite, Sogno and Nuvola.
Each line of anti-dust mite duvet covers has its specific characteristics and price, but they all offer the same result when it comes to defeat dust mites and their allergens.
Their efficacy is quite immediate and assure a total protection against the allergens that are hidden inside of duvets and blankets.
Our products are handcrafted in our laboratories and are extremely practical, thanks to the easy-to-use sealing zip, of low maintenance, light and breathable.
They are guaranteed from 2 to 20 years and can also be custom-made.
Thanks to the continuous research, the excellence of all Allergosystem’s products is now enriched by the new innovative Sogno anti-dust mite duvet cover. An avant-guard product that adds an efficient protection against bed bugs to the anti-dust mite barrier; it also doesn’t permit the dirt to sneak in, making this product easy to clean just by wiping it with a microfibre cloth given with the duvet cover.
You can buy our products online in a fast and easy way. Just click on the product that you wish to buy, insert the correct measures of the bed, select the delivery mode and payment, then proceed woth the purchase. In a very short time your anti dust mite duvet cover will be in your house, ready to be tested for its incredible efficacy.
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