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Allergosystem is a family run company, established in Rovereto since 1994. We work in order to create hand manufactured products of the highest quality, putting the same care and attention in the materials choice and in the packaging of our goods.
We invest into research and development to improve health and wellbeing, making them accessible to everyone. Our effort and aim is to be at people’s service, especially of those who take care of their body and well-being as well as their loved ones’, creating scientifically tested products, handcrafted and great to live with.
Because well-being and health are not an optional.
Our main production consists of: mattress covers, pillow covers and duvet/quilt covers, made with anti-dust mite fabrics as well as stuffed products to coverthe bed, such as: pillows, duvets and quilts.
Our products are exported to all European countries and are being tested from:

  • Hygiene Institut
  • Deutsche Montan Technologie Gmbh
  • stituto di Entomologia Agraria- Università degli Studi di Milano
  • Istituto Agrario di S. Michele-Centro di monitoraggio aerobiologico
  • ECARF approved



Clinical testing
attest to the effectiveness of our products
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