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Barriera antiacaro 10 anni

Sogno's anti dust mite bedding covers are an impenetrable barrier between you and dust mites, permitting the regular breathability, preventing the allergy, and to keep it under control.

The mattress is the major source of allergens, as it is the ideal habitat for dust mites. Covering the mattresses is a fundamental and efficient measure to eliminate allergens from the domestic environment. For a correct preventive care the experts recommend to cover all the beds of the house. Sogno is a polyester fabric, which is made of super thin yarns that create a special "labyrinth weave" which becomes an impenetrable barrier to dust mites and their allergens. Sogno's products are made of polyester and they are certified by important international research institutions. Anti-dust mite mattress/pillor/duvet covers are fully encased and closable by zip, they are washable up to 60°, and they are guaranteed for 10 years.

Quality and trustworthiness, as well as a convenience advantage: Allergosystem's products are available with the most interesting prices on the market. Sogno's products protect mattress, pillows, and duvets from dust mites and bed bugs.

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Anti allergy bedding

copy of Junior Duvet Cover

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ZEROMITE - 100% Anti-Hausstaubmilben Baumwoll-Bezüge ZEROMITE erhält die natürliche Atmungsaktivität und Weichheit der typischen Baumwolle aufrecht und garantiert die Effizienz und die damit verbundene Aufrechterhaltung der milbendichten Eigenschaften, der Barrierefunktion, auch nach mehrmaligem Waschen. Ein 100% italienisches Produkt, vom Spinnen des...
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Prodotto artigianale confezionato nel nostro laboratorio di Rovereto (TN). Adatte per coprire coperte e piumoni, le fodere Sogno creano una barriera invalicabile tra voi e gli allergeni degli acari della polvere. Prima dell'acquisto è sempre bene prendere le misure del piumino. Realizziamo anche fodere su misura. Sogno ha la caratteristica di respingere “...
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Prodotto artigianale confezionato nel nostro laboratorio di Rovereto (TN). Le fodere antiacaro Sogno sono 100% antiacaro in quanto la fitta tramatura del tessuto blocca il passaggio degli allergeni degli acari della polvere. Realizzate in tessuto di poliestere e confezionate con cerniera sigillano completamente il cuscino. Le fodere antiacaro Sogno...
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