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Direct purchase from the supplier

Since 1994 we have been producing mite-proof bedding in our factory in Rovereto, Trentino, Italy. We believe in the care of daily well-being accessible to all.

How do we combine quality and convenience? Easy: we reduce the costs of any intermediate stages of the supply chain and aim for direct sales.


Searching for materials

The purchase of the original fabric occurs after a direct research of the raw material paying great attention and care in purchasing directly from highly qualified producers.


The packaging

The transformation of the fabrics into the finished product is wholly carried out in our laboratory in Rovereto (TN), Trentino, Italy. No work is outsourced to third parties as we are able to carry out everything internally. The fabrics are stretched, measured, accurately cut according to various models and sizes, sewn by our seamstresses, who apply zips, buttons and accessories by hand, one by one.

The products are then carefully controlled and packaged.


Direct to your door

At this point our products are ready to be delivered.

From our seamstresses to you, without any middle steps.

You can order your mite-proof bedding on our e-commerce shop and purchase directly from the producer, without retailers who increase and inflate prices.

This way we can offer quality products at an affordable price for everyone.

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